Collegiate Crops Team Places In Top Three In National Crops Contests

crops team
In the photo, left to right, are Mattie Schmitt, Anna Johnson, and Caleb Rempel. They are pictured at the Chicago Collegiate Crops Contest.

The University of Minnesota Crookston Crops Team competed recently in two National Collegiate Crop Contests finishing in the top three in both. The team, coached by Rob Proulx, competed in Kansas City on November 14 and Chicago on November 18, 2017. The U of M Crookston Crops Team placed third in each of the contests just behind Kansas State and Iowa State who finished first and second respectively.

The National Crops Judging Contest consists of three parts: plant and seed identification, commercial grain grading, and seed analysis. The Kansas City and Chicago contests represent the national finals of collegiate crops competition for the year. Preparation for crops contests teaches evaluation of crops for quality relative to certification, viability, and marketing.

The 2017 U of M Crookston Collegiate Crops Team included Anna Johnson, a senior majoring in agricultural education from Sebeka, Minn., Caleb Rempel a junior double majoring in agronomy and horticulture from Mountain Lake, Minn., and Mattie Schmitt, a senior agronomy major from Towner, N.D.

In the Chicago contest in grain grading, Johnson placed 6th; Rempel in 8th; and Schmitt in 10th. In seed analysis, Johnson placed 7th; Rempel in 5th, and Schmitt in 11th; and in identification, Johnson placed 8th; Rempel in 5th; and Schmitt in 12th..

In the individual overall placings in the Chicago Collegiate Crops Contest, Johnson finished 8th; Rempel in 7th; and Schmitt in 10th to bring the team to its 3rd place finish overall.

In the Kansas City contest in grain grading, Johnson placed 4th; Rempel in 15th; and Schmitt in 10th.  In seed analysis, Johnson placed 4th; Rempel in 10th; and Schmitt in 8th; and in identification, Johnson placed 7th; Rempel in 8th; and Schmitt in 10th.

Johnson placed in 6th; Rempel in 9th; and Schmitt in 8th in individual overall placings to bring the team to its third place finish overall at the Kansas City Collegiate Crops Contest.